ServiceNow OAuth configuration allows you to use other authentication your companies own authentication method, so no need to create API accounts or data editing accounts for your users. Users have then possibility to allow certain external applications use their own user account to update data in your ServiceNow instance. This is also more secure login method for users, since this does not store users password and login details to the external service.

ServiceNow configuration

Navigate to Application Registries and create a new OAauth API endpoint for external client

Configure Oauth application registry. Redirect URL must be Other settings can be whatever you need. If you want to use Easy Dataload logo on ServiceNow’s OAuth login page when user’s login to ServiceNow from Easy Dataload, you can set Logo URL as

More information about ServiceNow’s OAuth configuration:

You need to set Client ID and Client Secret to Easy Dataload. So, keep them close at hand.

Easy Dataload Excel add-on configuration

Click on the admin login name in the excel add-on side panel. You have to be logged into the admin side.

Select tool-menu in the company field to configure instances.

Select tool-menu in the instance you want to enable the OAuth configuration.

Type in the Client ID and Client Secret to the correct boxes for your ServiceNow instance.

Then Click on Save