Easy Dataload for ServiceNow is a Microsoft Excel add-on that enables your users to get data to Excel worksheets in more controlled manner. They can also modify the data in Excel and then update it right back to ServiceNow without hassles. The add-on supports multiple users, instances and administrators and it is licensed based on ServiceNow user accounts.

ServiceNow has support for exporting Excel data, but updating the data back to the instance requires administration rights and creates extra work for them. Using custom made add-on in Excel will ease the burden of custom and mass-data edits.

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Administrators can create multiple custom reports for the users and these reports are always fixed to the instance, so no configuration gets mixed up with other instance.

The reports can be also updated if there are requirements to add new columns or filters to the queries.

Administrator can easily create new ready-made reports using search filtering of all the tables found in the customer instance. The process goes as following:

  • Select table
  • Select Attribute columns
  • Define search conditions
  • Give name for the report
  • Test the report
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We started using the Easy Dataload tool for our projects hourly reports and the users are just loving the simplicity of the add-on.
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