We have created a custom Excel add-on for ServiceNow that can be used by all users in your organization to quickly edit and get data from you instance. The idea is to easily edit data in your instance and all the updates are recorded with the users own account, just like they where editing the data in the instance directly.

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Create custom reports for your ServiceNow users
  • Creating custom reports for your users is now simpler than ever.
  • Creating the reports can be done using custom report builder that is easy to use.
  • The company ServiceNow admins can manage multiple instance reports in single add-on and there can be multiple admins for the add-on.

End-users can have multiple instances configured to the add-on

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  • Users can easily start using the add-on by downloading it from the Windows Office store and then just use the instance key provided their ServiceNow admins.
  • Users can then login to the instance using their own local user account or organizations single-sign on account (Oauth)
  • Users can have multiple instances configured so moving data and updates between DEV, TEST, PROD and other instances is easy.